Sad moment where you find the perfect present but its like $300 over your budget. Eurrrghhh I need a job sad

Tempted to start a beauty blog because of the amount of beauty products I own

Time to bring the DSLR up from Melbourne maybe… no phone camera can take the quality pictures you need for a beauty blog to be worth reading. 

Scrolling through all the casual/part time retail jobs on Seek at the moment

Found maybe three that might work for me, if it wasn’t for the fact that I haven’t worked in beauty/fashion before (only Coles and the family convenience store) combined with the fact that the last time I worked it was more than four years ago…

Sick sick sick

I’m feeling very crook at the moment. Stomach has this dull aching pain, as does my head which is not great because it means i really can’t concentrate on anything. Also have a loss of appetite which may be contributing to the stomach pain by adding hunger into the equation. Combined with the blood test I had today that has left my left arm basically unusable, the past few days have not been kind to me at all.