All my med friends are currently studying for their ethics exam

There are so many concepts they’re mentioning while they’re revising that I remember from my 2 years of philosophy in year 11 and 12. I miss philosophy. It was so interesting… 

Maybe I should try to read a book or two sometime. It’s been a while that I’ve read that kind of book…

Getting to that point where I know I don’t know enough but I just really can’t concentrate anymore
Why are people throwing a party right now

It’s Thursday night, during the week where all mid-semester exams are on. Whyyyy

Anatomy mid-semester on Saturday

I can’t concentrate on it anymore, been doing so much study ever since the start of last week. Sigh. I need a break, but I don’t know enough to deserve one. 

Freaken go all the way to uni on the last direct bus, walk 10-15 minutes across campus to go the library, sit down and find out I forgot to put my laptop in my bag. Now going to spend two hours going back and forth on indirect buses, two hours I Dont have to spare because i have a ridiculously difficult mid semester exam on Saturday and i haven’t nearly covered all my lectures.
To put this in perspective i haven’t even had time to watch game of thrones.
So annoyed at myself right now. Out of all the things… and because i rushed out of my house to catch the last direct bus I also put on the most uncomfortable boots i own and I feel like I’m getting blisters. Ffffff. Worst day.