No make up face. Yay.

I’m so tired. My face looks bleh. I have massive bags underneath my eyes. Aish~ It’s holidays! Why is this happening… Oh that’s right. Because my parents are insisting I sleep at 11:30PM and wake up early. I don’t sleep at 11:30PM and they wake me up early… 

I think that nature hates me this week.
Monday: bird clawed my hair (that’s never happened before)
Tuesday: woken up at 7am by the heat. it is 33 degrees and i’m scheduled to go out and play badminton later. i get bitten by an ant while sitting on a park bench. (i have never been bitten by an ant … o_O not even on camp) 
Wednesday: woken up by thunder that is so loud that I am jolted awake, wondering if lightning hit something next to my bedroom. I was planning on walking about 4.5kms to a sports centre because I’m playing badminton today. But it’s raining.

* blink blink *
Maybe I’m just complaining too much. This happened to everyone in melbourne… except for the bird and the ant. and maybe the thunder. haha

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